VHDL coding tips and tricks: Testimonials
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      Please listen to what my fans and clients have to say :
Good and reliable services. Thanks to him, i was able to finish my thesis writing. He is also a nice person that we can deal with by asking specifically what type of help we need. So if anybody seek for help in writing coding, surely him the right one.  
     -- Ikhwan ,Malaysia
It was when I was stranded, stressing with my VHDL programming project when Vipin came to my rescue. He called n told me that he can help me complete the project. I gave him the description of the project told him to proceed with it. An hour later, he was done with writing code which was gonna take me weeks to write, I was so happy and considering the fact that we are from 2 different countries, I couldn’t believe how trusting he is. Without doubt, he told me the code was working according to the project specs and indeed it was (and he didn’t even have a development board to test it). I’d recommend Vipin’s programming services to anyone. Try him, you won’t regret it!
     Dante ,South Africa
A trustworthy person to whom you can ask for any help related to his subject. He really helped me a lot to complete my project at the last moment when I was struggling to get my output. A very patient guy and got response for all my mails soon than I expected. So guys, don't think to seek his help.
I had difficulty with one of my hardware assignments. I was supposed to implement an algorithm in VHDL and I had no idea where to start. But Vipin helped me at the right time and completed the code really fast. My professor said the code was perfect and he was very happy..:)
               Fahad, Saudi

I was struggling to catch up with other studies and didn't have the time for studying VHDL. So when it came to the assignment deadline nearing, I panicked and just could not get any code working. I stumbled across Vipin's blog as maybe a solution lay in his sample codes, non matched so I emailed him. Within 3 days, a complete coding with full description fitting my assignments requirement was available. His support was excellent, I had many why? What? questions all of which Vipin replied in simple and straight forwards emails. At the end of completing the assignment report, I had a better understanding of VHDL coding and for the final year exam I am confident of a pass.
     Gary Dickenson , Australia